Taman Wawasan Raub

Taman Wawasan Raub

Property Type: Landed size: 2000 sf (approx.) location: Taman Wawasan Raub, Taman Raub Jaya Theme: Modern Minimalist Budget: RM250,000.00 –  Modern meets Minimalist – Welcome to Taman Wawasan Raub house in Taman Raub Jaya. In order to produce a straightforward and clear area, this design makes use of only the necessities. It is distinguished by its […]

Prima Villa, Taman Desa

Prima Villa Bungalow, Taman Desa

Property Type: Landed size: 5500 sf (approx.) location: Prima Villa, Taman Desa Theme: Modern Dark Elegance Budget: RM586,000.00 –  Dark Elegance Design – Welcome to Prima Villa Bungalow house in Taman desa. This design, Dark Elegance Design is a creative process led by experienced interior designers. It relates very closely to the client’s unique way […]