Top 9 Tips for Your Kitchen Design in malaysia

Cups, mangkuk, utensils, appliances all over the place with no proper place to organize it, does this reminds of your kitchen?

If Yes, then you are in the RIGHT article.

It may be a challenging and thrilling process to design a kitchen. Some people just do not have the time to even think about it. It is always the best to hire an ID or someone that has experience to help you design and build it, but you still need to know the basics. To help you with that, here are Nine suggestions for designing a kitchen that is not only gorgeous to look at but also practical and budget friendly as follows:


1. Organize Your Design

First, think about how the kitchen is laid out, get the layout ! or draw a sketch of your kitchen layout and take measurements of every corner with the ceiling height and also taking into account the work triangle, which is the distance between the refrigerator, sink, and stove. Make sure the arrangement is effective in the way that you intend to use your kitchen and make it simple to travel between these important places.

“If you can organize your kitchen, you can organize your life.”

2. Select High-Quality materials

Do the research and make an investment in long-lasting, premium materials for your kitchen’s flooring, cabinets, and countertops. High-quality materials provide durability and a refined appearance. It also helps you to save alot of money for any fix/repair/maintenance, usually lower quality materials will not last long and may need to replace a few things in coming years.

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3. Enhance Your Storage

Incorporate creative storage options such as pull-out shelves, deep drawers, and vertical storage to make the most of the storage space in your kitchen. This will assist in maintaining a clutter-free, orderly kitchen.

4. Choose the Appropriate Lighting

It is imperative that the kitchen has enough lighting. To make a room feel well-lit and welcoming, combine task, ambient, and accent lighting. For effective task illumination, especially if you like to make maggi/drinks at late night take into account under-cabinet lighting.

5. Color Scheme

Select a color palette that accentuates your unique style and the overall aesthetic of your house. While strong colors can add flair, light hues can create the illusion of greater space in a tiny kitchen.

6. Surface

Choose a flooring material that will look good and operate well. Popular options include laminate, hardwood, and tile. Make sure it can handle the rigors of a kitchen and is simple to clean.

7. Appliances

Make an investment in well-made, energy-efficient appliances. While stainless steel appliances are a timeless option, you can also choose from a variety of finishes and styles to complement the style of your kitchen.

8. Customize with Decor

Use decorative accents like art, open shelving, or potted plants to give your kitchen personality. These unique additions can give the room a cozy, welcoming atmosphere.

9. Think About Ergonomics

Make sure that ergonomics are taken into account while designing the kitchen. Appliance placement, countertop heights, and cabinet heights should all be practical and pleasant for you to operate.

Designing a kitchen may be overwhelming, we are here to guide you through all this process and build the most suitable kitchen for you. For free consultation you may contact us or whatsapp whichever most convenient for you. 

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